• DIY to turn disused resources into smiles on disadvantaged children’s faces


    Transforming disused material into DIY objects with value


    Supporting disadvantaged children with fund raised through DIY events and charity sale of DIY objects


    Reducing waste of disused resources


    Minimizing waste of material, human and financial resources while disposing disused material


    Minimizing eventual enviromental pollution during disposal of disused material



  • About us


    We are a group of people cherishing resources, concerned about environmental protection and keen on DIY.

    Project vision
    We do DIY with up-cycled materials both donated by sponsor factories and collected from daily life to create objects. They will either be donated directly to children in need or turned into fund through charity sale or DIY event and then aid to disadvantaged children.
    Through fun DIY, we wish to meet and connect with more like-minded people to support disadvantaged children, while promoting zero waste of resources and minimization of environmental pollution.
    We believe together we can make the world a better place with our hands and care for others.
    Project origin
    Clara HUANG, founder of the project is a graduate from Renmin University of China, holders of two master degrees from University in France, previously senior HR manager in Fortune 500 company.
    As a DIY lover, she was visiting the International Handicraft Expo held in Shanghai end of November 2017, where she luckily run into Mr. Yang LI, manager of the Suzhou based Shenzhen textile Co., Ltd. He is willing to do something for good cause with the disused thread produced by his factory (mainly samples made for clients or extra product from orders) in spirit of fulfilling the social responsibility of his company. Always keen on environmental protection, maximization of resources utilization, DIY, up-cycling, support to disadvantaged population especially children, people connection, and welfare work, Clara immediately proposed to establish a non-profit organization to collaborate with him to turn their common wish into reality.
    After discussion with Mr. Li and Director Ma of Shenzhen company about the detail donation plan, the Clara Non-profit DIY project was thus founded with disadvantaged children as final beneficiaries.

  • We do

    Currently we use disused cotton, wool or polyester thread donated by sponsor factory to make various objects, either in traditional manner like knitting and crocheting or in creative new manners like finger knitting.


    Mandala, hanging rug, necklace, earring, barefoot sandals etc.


    Hat, headband, scarf, gloves, clothes, skirt and clothes for pets etc.

    Daily use objects

    Coaster, pen case, yoga mat bag, mug/tea pot/plant pot sweater, rug,bookmark, toy, key chain, basket, gift bag, purse etc.

  • We offer

    Yarn bar

    How many ways of playing yarn do you know? In our yarn bar, under the guidance of our facilitators, you will discover not only conventional ways but also unconventional ways that you would never imagine, including finger knitting scarf, yes, you read it right, knitting with only your fingers! Come to enjoy yourself with colorful wool and some peaceful moment before leaving with your own creation and achievement, and most importantly, happy mood!


    2017 Christmas Eve Yarn Bar

    WeWork Yarn Bar

    Customized order

    We customize products for disadvantaged children with their name and favorite colors. We could customize for your personal order too,with your name for your family members or friends, with company logo for your employees or clients etc.


    Order from Shanghai Morefood E-commerce Co.,Ltd

    Free DIY training for volunteers

    We would love to share our hobbies with volunteers for you to join us in supporting disadvantaged children through DIY.


    Past events

    Volunteer yarn bar DIY Mar,18 2018

    Ready products for sale

    Products made by volunteers are available online for sale.

    Existing items remake

    We could use the material of your existing objects to remake per design you specify

  • 2018 plan


    1. Complete the donation to Children’s Hope Foundation with the fund raised through the first order

    2. Organize Yarn bar events for Leftover children in Huayuan country of Xiangxi state in Hunan province before Chinese new year and identify opportunity of creating employment through yarn DIY for local disadvantaged population

    3. Identify opportunity of creating employment through yarn DIY for disadvantaged population in China

    4. Identify opportunity of creating employment through yarn DIY for handicap population with limited mobility in China

    5. Make hats for children living with cancer, with braids for girls, and make colorful decoration for their rooms

    6. Organize Yarn bar events in Shanghai for orphans and children living with serious disease

    7. Organize bigger scale DIY training for volunteers

    8. Organize Yarn bar for both adults and children to raise fund

    9. Invite Leftover children from countryside to Shanghai to participate in “The outside world” summer camp during summer holidays

    10. Organize events outside of Shanghai through collaboration with other organizations

    11. Switch DIY focus from yarn to other disused material received so far after the weather turns warm: fabrics, felt, wall paper, tile, plastic flooring, carpet etc and other disused material that we will receive

    12. Source more disused material from both individuals and organizations, especially from Architecture design and Garmen design companies

    13. Volunteer team building

  • Founders wish


    As founder of the project, I was absolutely amazed by the enthusiasm and willingness of volunteers for doing something good for others and for the planet, and was deeply touched by the happiness, excitement and warmth they experienced while doing so.


    I am also very glad that all the non-volunteers, both adults and children, participating in our events had great time enjoying DIY in a way that they never imagined.


    The project aims to turn up-cycled resources into smiles on disadvantaged children’ face, it turns out that while working towards it, tons of smiles have been brought up to the faces of both volunteers and on volunteers involved. I hope that this spirit could go on and on and also pass onto many other people that will join us in the future!

  • Join us

    As the project is still on its starting phase, we are short of volunteers of all categories, the core team is yet to be formed officially, we still don’t have our own project logo, the WeChat official account is yet to be created, we still don’t have a venue that’s always available for volunteer training workshop, available resources are still limited, which make it impossible for us to meet the demand of the market: we are not able to commit to big orders with certain deadline, yarn bar for both adults and children can not be held as expected etc.


    To make the steady and faster development of the project possible, we sincerely invite sponsors and volunteers that are keen in welfare undertaking to join us with contribution to one or few of the following aspects. (Items with ** are urgent needs)


    1. **DIY volunteer: beginner (free training provided) or experienced DIY lover

    2. **DIY trainer: provide training to DIY beginners

    3. Photographer:photo shooting for DIY products and projects events

    4. Model for photo shooting: photo shooting with DIY products

    5. **Editor:write articles to promote the project and product

    6. Graphic designer: designing project logo, web site or WeChat official account

    7. **Product designer: design product based on available material

    8. **Project planer: develop strategies for project operation

    9. **Project development coordinator:Plan and organize project events

    10. Project coordinator:Coordinate communication and assist in event delivery

    11. **Web maintainer: project website and wechat account maintenance

    12. Disused material identifier: identify and recommend disused material source


    a. **Venue for DIY events(for 5-12 people or more)

    b. **Storage space for material and products in Shanghai

    c. Indoor venue for product photo shooting

    d. Project logo printing

    e. Disused material provider(fabric, felt and other textile products, wood, plastic, leather, paper etc)

    If you have any feedback or suggestion for the project, you are also welcome to contact us!

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  • Contact us

    WeChat ID: clarayanhuang

    Wechat ID: clarayanhuang


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